About Me

My name is C. Shawn Smith (the ‘C’ is for Christopher), and I’m a forty-something guy living outside of Dallas, TX, with the MOST amazing son in the world.

I currently work as a Forum Community Liaison (carbon-based spam-filter) for Roku, Inc.

I’ve worked many a sundry job in my day, including Veterinarian Technician, large-format printer technician, painting technician … basically, if I worked it, I was a “technician.” I’m still trying to figure out what that means.

I live with my son, who — as I said — is the MOST amazing kid. We like to play video games together, and more importantly we like to talk about things. He makes me laugh and cry (usually both at the same time), and I couldn’t imagine life without him. He’s my raison d’etre, and I’m immensely proud of him. And because I’m so proud of him, here’s a cool picture of him and his girlfriend … yes, he digs the older chicks:


When I’m not working or playing practical jokes games with my son, I develop games, write, paint, and ponder. Usually in that order.