Unity Game Engine


I’m currently working on a project called Razor: The Last Chronicles of Man.  It’s intended to be a space combat simulator for the PC, and later other platforms (Mac, Tablets, etc).

The game is set in the very near future, when humanity has been all but wiped out by an alien race we called The Scourge.  The player takes the role of our hero, a freighter pilot-turned- combat ace, trying to keep the last vestiges of humanity alive.

The first part of the game design document calls for the creation of Skirmish mode, in which a player will take on multiple waves of enemy AI.  This is to get the basic components of the game in place for all other aspects.

The second phase will be a campaign mode, which tells the story of our hero’s journey to rid the galaxy of The Scourge.

Should both phases get completed, then I will look forward to trying out an online component, which will allow multiple players to fight against one another in massive PvP combat.

I’ve always been enamoured of the massive Viper battles in the RDM version of Battlestar Galactica, and felt that Battlestar Galactica Online really dropped the ball on it, so I wanted to create something that had the same feel of the movies, and with much better controls than the online game.  In addition, I really liked the progressive storylines of Firefly and Space: Above and Beyond TV series, and thus the campaign or story mode.

I’ll post more details about the game in the very near future, and will have a bi-weekly or monthly updated web player for anyone to take a look at the progress.