Flying Drones

Hubsan X4 H107C

Frodo received 2 drones for Christmas in 2014.  One tiny Hubsan X4 H107C from his maternal grandfather, and a Syma X5C knockoff (the QX-755) from his uncle.  The former comes equipped with an HD camera.  The latter didn’t, but the camera was purchased by my brother on Christmas Eve and arrived last week (while I had to jerry-rig the camera since it wasn’t made for this quad, it still takes HD video at the push of the button).

While Frodo hasn’t flown them much, he’s starting to pick up on the operation very quickly, far faster than I have, so I’m having to practice quite a bit in order to keep up with him.

Another thing that I’m extremely cognizant of is the danger imposed by these little bits of fantastic tech.  They HURT.  Those of you who know me know I sport long hair, usually tied into a ponytail.  Well, for the Hubsan X4’s maiden voyage inside our living room, I wasn’t sporting the tail, and let’s just say that the new rule in this house is that when the copters fly, ALL hair is tied back and hidden under a hat.  I have two extra bald-spots that necessitated the new rule (not to mention the 2 or so hours of digging strands of 15-inch hair from the motors/props).

But I’m learning quickly how to control them, and in turn Frodo is learning as well.  Although he doesn’t yet have the finesse to fly the quad within an inch of my face, he’s learning quickly.  I’ve just recently mastered that.

Though videos posted here shouldn’t have a resolution great enough to identify passersby, I will be complying with local, State, and Federal laws by blurring out faces where appropriate.  As we get more involved in flying this drones, we’ll be posting more videos.


4-minute sample of the 40 or so minutes of footage captured on January 27th, 2015

Soundtrack by Michael Donner ( and licensed w/ permission for YouTube videos.

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