Razor: The Last Chronicles of Man

I’m in the process of learning the Unity Game Engine, in order to create a space combat simulation game known as Razor: The Last Chronicles of Man. I have a minor tech demo that features a stock ship (downloaded from the web) available to play around with. Note: you will need to install the Unity Web Player if you don’t have it already.

The tech demo currently only allows flying around a small area of space and firing guns (sorry, no ‘splosions yet), and comprises two different types of flight mode: Physics and Arcade. While arcade mode is the easiest to handle, physics mode is much more realistic. I’m still tweaking the scripts, and hope to have a much better version online in the coming weeks.

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  1. cshawnsmith says:

    In the latest version, you’ll see a new Navigational compass: The outer compass will eventually use a galactic coordinate system, while the inner compass will be localized (graphics for both are not finalized). The compass will be dynamic, appearing on screen when the player needs them (specifically for warping into new areas, as well as some other events), as well as customizable (color, alpha settings, etc).

    Thrusters have been disabled in this version as well, but the temporary GUI left in place.