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Dungeons & Dragons: Back to my Roots

Someone recently sent me a link to a very cool website post about a fellow who created a digital projection map for his Dungeons & Dragons game sessions.   I thought this was pretty cool, and it made me investigate, a digital tabletop for traditional pen and paper RPGs.  I’d seen the site once before, […]

Flying Drones

Frodo received 2 drones for Christmas in 2014.  One tiny Hubsan X4 H107C from his maternal grandfather, and a Syma X5C knockoff (the QX-755) from his uncle.  The former comes equipped with an HD camera.  The latter didn’t, but the camera was purchased by my brother on Christmas Eve and arrived last week (while I had […]

Dante’s Inferno (Pt 1: Prologue)

An early artwork (unfinished) Prologue: Dante My feet glide effortlessly over the raw rock, bits of dust and detritus billowing behind me as I run.  My breaths come in steady rhythm, the nanites increasing the flow of oxygen and nitrogen from my lungs into my blood with increased efficiency as they work their invisible magic.  […]

TableTop Adventures

I admit I wasn’t always a fan of Wil Wheaton.  But I was a kid when he was a kid, and didn’t know how to separate his character from his real life.  He and I are so close in age, yet I have had a hard time realizing this. Years later, after reading his blog […]

Suicidal Tendencies

I was reminded recently of Robin Williams’ death, and the pain that he suffered without relief. He was a complex human being, prone to extreme ranges of humor and sadness, as befitting a personage of his stature and abilities.  But he also withheld a piece of himself — a deep-seated anguish — that could not […]

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